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10 Tips To Become a Successful Blogger In 2019

10 Tips To Become a Successful Blogger

10 Tips To Become a Successful Blogger - Blogging is not a job that every month you can payday. Not a place to look for Napkah for family and not a place of search eyes. Blogging is a hobby, a hobby where you can publish information, whether you know it directly or get news from others. 

Platform for Blogging like: Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress and many more. But nowadays, it is famous no other than Google partner, namely Blogger/Blogspot. Apart from we can create a free blog with a subdomain of blogspot, you can also achieve success and income starting from your own.

For you that beginners, you need to know before developing a personal or general blog, some chamber tips may be able to follow or you learn as a material where you can become a successful blogger.

Tips To Become a Successful Blogger

Tips To Become a Successful Blogger
Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

1. Have Strong Intentions

You need to solidify your intention of becoming a successful blogger. What goal do you want to be a successful blogger? What can you do to be accomplished as a successful blogger? Why would you choose to be a successful blogger?

You need to resolve and convince your intention by answering all the questions you have on your mind.

2. Have a Strong Desire

If you as a beginner want to plunge into the world of Blogging and aim to earn money or income as well as fame, then I guarantee you will not be long. Believe? Although it is money and fame is an important factor in your life, but all is not instant for granted. It takes months and years to be able to earn such income and fame.

Roughly how long does it take to be a successful Blogging?

The question above must have been thinking of a blogging beginner, it can be said of sorts. All depends on you, to build a house that is luxurious and comfortable, you need hard work.

Enjoy the good process, then you will enjoy also good results.

3. Defines Blog Name

If you've gone through the first and second tips above, then on the third tip is it's time for you to give your blog a name. You can give the name according to what will be discussed in each article in this blog. You can also provide a blog name with your own name. The name of this blog is what will bring you to be famous and easy to remember people. Can also the name of this blog is your luck.

Try to give money simple and easy to remember the other person. Not covering the possibility of NAA this blog can also make you achieve fame and fixed income.

4. Subdomain or Top Domain Level

In this tip, once you've passed the first tips to the fourth tip, then this is when you have to specify a domain name for your blog. You can also call the same name as your blog (more effective and easy to remember) and you can also specify a different domain name.

Let's learn about the domains below:

What is a Domain?

It is more complete named Domain Name System (DNS). Names are more memorable than remembering IP (Internet Protocol) numbers like (e.g.).

The IP itself is essentially similar to a phone number because it uses Anga-numbers.

What is Top Domain Level (TDL)?

Top Level Domain refers to the top Level Domain name of that system.

An example of top-level domains, maybe you've seen, but don't realize and don't care. See the example below :
  • caloncerdas.com
  • wisataoke.com
  • wisatakaka.com
  • detik.com
And many more examples of TDL you may have seen and you save on your mind.

What is a Sub Domain?

Sub-Domains are part of the Top Level Domain. Maybe the shape is, often we see, maybe even you, have the sub domain.

Sub Domain is also said to be the child of Top Level Domain.
  • olshopepop.sundaku.com
  • tutorialblog.apzshop.com
  • exampleblog.blogspot.com
The blog example above is just a picture, sorry if anyone has the address of the blog.

Well, now you have your blog, do you want to use the Sub Domain or Top Domain Level?

My advice anyway, you use TDL because it is really you build a blog from scratch. You can decide where to go where your blog and you as the main owner of the blog.

After you select a domain name. Choose a domain extension that is familiar to Internet users. Maybe these 5 types of domain extension advice me from that. COM, NET, ORG or CO.ID.

5. Resolving Problems

In general you see a blogger or blogging, whether it's Indonesia or abroad looks relaxed and happy. You don't know that they have a level of problem that they have to solve. As a word, the higher the tree, the more toned the tree is blown.

You as a beginner, get used to solving any problems, whether they are small or big things, too.

Wise in taking action and Sage also in completing. I am sure that you are a prospective blogger in the future.

6. Template / Theme

The selection of templates or themes for your blog, should really you specify in a mature-mature. Because this template Ataj theme is first seen by visitors or visitor blogs.

Make sure your template meets criteria as below:
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Nice to see and viewed
You can search or do a search in Google search engine purchase templates or themes that best create your blog.

You need to remember, if you download a free theme of either WP or Blogger, make sure the theme is already updated by the owner, if within 6 months there is no update, then you never use.

7. Choosing The Right Plugin

If you are a blog user of the Wordpress.org platform, then you should pay attention to the installation of free plugins provided by the developers. This is very important for your users wordpress.org you have to install the plugin that you do not need. If too many plugins are installed, this could cause your website or blog to be slow to access or slow loading. 

Protecting spam comments on your blog will be harmful later. This function of Akismet is filtering every comment that enters and insert spam comments into the spam folder.

Broken Link Cheker
This Plugin is very useful to keep your blog or website Tamplil free or look good. If there is a dead link on your blog or website this can be very annoying to visitor satisfaction and also very unhindered by the Google search engine.

This Plugin is useful and there are more than 30 features that you can use. It functions like social share, related post/city read also and popular post, contact form, your web stats or blog.

Wp Super Cach
The functionality of this plugin is nothing but just to speed up your Web or blog loading.

Yoast By SEO
If you are dealing SEO in WordPress you need not be confused and giddy. Simply install this plugin, then you will become an SEO expert for beginners. If you use the free version then you have a limited future. The better you can buy the premium version.

8. Consistently Publish Articles

If you have read or done these tips that I have already submitted, then at these this tips, you must be consistent to create or publish your articles regularly. As I have already told the article Sebelum-sebelumnya. You can read also the article or any other post on this blog about the nomination is yeah.

9. Monitor your Blog

You as the owner or manager of the website and blog, of course you should often monitor your blog or website regularly. Why? Because there may be visitors who are commenting or asking in the comments field one of your articles. Therefore, you have to respond quickly, so that the visitor can get the right answer and quickly. This can affect the ranking of your blog in terms of visitors.

10. Be a social Blogger

In this last tip, you are a social blogger whose point you often visit other people's blogs and discuss through the available Comments field.

It doesn't cover the possibility that your blog will also be revisited by other bloggers. For free You do the tips above but on this last tip you do not apply to you. Being a social blogger is very important. Can be endeared by visitors or other bloggers. As often as you can interact with other bloggers or with your visitors.

Well, that's about 10 Tips To Become a Successful Blogger. Hopefully useful and do not forget to share this article yes, to be more useful again. Thanks.