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What is C++? Full C++ Definitions

What is C++? Full C++ Definitions

What is C++? Full C++ Definitions - Programming has been there since the first time the computer was invented. However, at the time, programming was still very difficult to understand. Unlike programming languages, it is now quite easy to learn. In ancient times, programming used machine language. Its name is Assembly language.

C++ Programming Language History

C++ is a programming language. Now that you know what C++ is, then this post is finished. Just kidding. C++ is a programming language. C++ language is the brother of Visual C++ and Visual C# languages, it means that C++ language is derived from C. Language C was developed by Dennis Ritchie from the B language, at which time he was from Bell Laboratories developing a Unix operating system. Because C is a procedural language, the language is developed into an object-oriented language and is called C++.

What is C++?

Broadly, in C++ programming it uses two concepts, namely data and algorithms. Data is the material to be processed and the algorithm is the method of its imaging as I have explained about the function of programming algorithms in the previous article. Suppose we will make a coffee, then we need sugar, water, and coffee, that we can look at as a data file. Then in making the coffee there are step steps that need to be considered such as, put the coffee and sugar to taste the cup, then pour hot water into the cup.

Well, it's like the algorithm and the coffee we have made earlier is a program. In the process of making coffee we use a cup to accommodate the ingredients. The cup as a container, in C++ is called the data type. What is a data type? Please read the understanding and kinds of Data types in C++, but on this blog, I have not built an article that discusses the type of data. Sorry heheh. Hopefully, if there is a chance I can explain.

Basic Structure Of C++ Programming Language

The following is the basic structure of the C++ programming language:

#Include <iostream>
Using namespace std;
int main(){
  //Content of your program for example
  cout<<"Hello World"<<endl;
return 0;

That is the structure of the C++ program. Include iostream is the header contained in C++. Headers in C++ are a lot of. We use iostream because it calls a cin/cout function. When we use scanf/printf then the proper header is stdio. h. Please to find out for yourself yes about the headers that are in C++.

Next is using namespace Std. That's a the because we use cout means we should also use STD because it's one package and can not be separated. Like me and you so heheh. Well than we wrote Std in every cout, then we better declare it at the beginning.

Int main () is the main class in the C++ program. Next return 0 is the return function in C++. That's what I can tell you about What is C++? Full C++ Definitions. Hopefully useful.