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How To Research Keywords For SEO

How To Research Keywords For SEO

How To Research Keywords For SEO - The way Research keywords or keyword research is very important for the development of a blog or website in order to get traffic according to what we expect or want. Finding the right keywords will have a pacifist impact on our own website or blog, let alone we have very good quality content read to play SEO.

Keyword research turns out to be making our web blog more valuable on Google. You can follow the ways and analysis I did to get you a decent earning blog.

Keyword Research Objectives

Surely some of us want to know the main purpose of doing research or research a keyword that appears on Google. The purpose will be to our expectation when done the right way. And here's the keyword research objective:
  • Will get visitors, according to target keyword
  • Can see the level of competition
  • Determine the quality level of the article
  • Providing clear information to visitors
  • The Web site will earn many visitors
  • Determining the selling value of keywords
From the above purpose, surely we want to have a blog that has many visitors because doing research correctly.  So, if you do not do the keyword development to be written, then your blog will be lonely from the visitors. In addition, you must also decide which keywords to repeat in each article.

What Happens If Your Blog Doesn't Do Search, Keyword Research?

Writing random without doing research has been just a lie because the blog will Teresa lonely and we as the owner also feel frustrated. Sometimes, many people wrong doing a keyword research that thank-you, they do not Mauri the number of searches for a month. In fact, registered many free Tools-Tools on the Internet that we can increase in Mauri search volume per month.

What will happen, if we do not do the keyword research
  1. Blog will be lonely visitors
  2. Niche or theme a blog writing will intervene (Gado-Gado)
  3. It would be very difficult to index by search engines
  4. A little keyword search
Website features that do not conduct research keywords
  1. Writing does not focus
  2. Number of articles very much, but not targeted
  3. Repeat the keyword by creating a new article
  4. The number of words of each article is very little

Keyword Research Advantages

If the problem of research is surely we will talk also what the advantage. Some of internet marketing must already know what the profits gained when doing keyword research.

The benefits of keyword research, on google correctly will affect our earnings as well. Therefore, here are a few advantages:

The blog will have many visitors/visitor
It's no wonder, if we do research properly, visitors will always come in accordance with the keyword we target. That Keyword can appear on the page one Google and can also because of the recommendation from visitors through social media.

Beat the Competitor keyword
To beat competitors or competitors ' websites or blogs, we will have to use multiple keyword-keywords in a single article. Well, the advantage is that we can beat with many keywords that appear according to our target.

Can define sub-sub headings
If doing the correct research, then we can separate sub-headings. For example, which should be Put in H2, H3, H4, Qoute, and so on. It is very influential in the Google eye because it will look neat.

Clear article Navigation
So, if the article is complete, surely the purpose of visitors will be easy to get. For example, looking about learning SEO, then they will understand how to learn the right SEO. Therefore, you have to make the good article navigation.

First steps to take before Research keyword

The step Research keyword should also you understand, do not direct gas pol. You must determine which keyword points will be raised. That way, you'll get a visitor who has a lot of articles. Well, the first step you need to understand is as follows:

Understanding Keyword or keyword types
If the keyword is heavy, then it should be left immediately. Keywords with a healthy level of competition such as online business, SEO services, online sales, watching movies and so on. Usually the keywords must be supported with off-page such as Backlink PBN, share social media and others. Well, keyword competition should you see Using premium tools, the way is to look at the difficulty level of the keyword.

Determining the most searched keywords
To determine the value of a keyword, all we need to do is use the free or premium tools to see the number of monthly visitors from that keyword. Well, this way the most widely demanded by internet marketing now, but proved to be potent also. In addition, you can also use the PBN service to improve page one keywords on google.

Finding popular keywords, Viral and potential keyword
Many also among internet marketing ignore this way. Whereas if actually done, it will be very influential for the future of a website. Therefore, you should know how to find popular, viral and potential keywords. Usually people will look for the keyword in the following ways:

  • Pay attention to competitor blogs and search popular searches in the sidebar
  • Using tools to know the viral tags and created articles
  • Find out potential searches from month to month.

View the number of Keyword values Per click
If you create articles with keywords that have a low CPC value, then your earnings will also be low. Therefore, you should also see keywords that have high click Value.

How to research the right keywords

If the above steps have been done, then it's time to do some research by creating quality content. Well, it has very easy actually and again, only prepared some information that I will convey below.

Determining number of visitor Volume
To determine how many visitors per keyword are there is a lot of ways. You can use the tools or analyze themselves using Google. You can also see some popular websites that use this way. To further the number of research, keywords Agan can do with the following:

1. Keyword Research using Semrush
Semrush provides the convenience for Internet marketing to know the potential keywords and easy to be directed. You can specify the number of individual visitors and their difficulty level. Well, the way is also very easy, here is a video of how you have to do research keywords with semrush.

2. Keyword research using ubersuggest from Neilpatel
Actually, this way is quite easy, you just have to visit the link research, keyword that has been provided by Neilpetel. Actually ubersuggest is stand-alone with the site name, but buys it at a price that is not mentioned. You can try the following:
  • Go to
  • Select the Tools menu in the navigation
  • Then select Ubersuggest
  • Enter the keywords you want to create articles
  • Then select the country and language Indonesian/English
  • Click Look and the result appears
  • Gather each relevant keyword according to a minimum of 10 searches
  • Then insert into Excel according to the number of searches
  • Then specify H2, H3 and others
  • Then create an article using the title target keyword

3. Keyword Research using Premium Tools
On occasion, I will discuss in full. However, in this article I will explain a brief yes. There are several tools for the most popular keyword research in the world. Among them are as follows:
If asked, which one I like the most from the fourth, then my answer is Kwfinder. Maybe I'll explain on a chance.

Get rid of Keyword with high competition

Try using keywords that have a high level of competition. Some keyword rivalries are devoted to websites with good authority and why you should throw those keywords? Here's why:
  • Because the web you will not be able to appear on page one
  • Spending time
  • High Authority like DA and PA above 50, will be very difficult for us to look at him
  • Aged competitor website Older
  • Etc
So, we recommend that you do not analyze these keywords. But, if inserted into the article it is not a problem and still relevant. But do not appreciate it can be on page one.

Use long keywords
Make long keywords so that the web you can go on page one Google. Good and long keywords will result in a slight search. However, if the number is many then you will be very pleased.

Combine multiple keywords and search counts
To provide a good quality, you can combine several keywords to produce a lot of visitors. Well, you should also pay attention to the number of searches of each keyword yes.

Well, that's about how to research keywords. Do not forget to share this article yes, to be more useful to everyone. Thank you for visiting and hopefully useful:)