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Sigil Digital Book Pros and Cons

Sigil Digital Book Pros and Cons

Sigil Digital Book Pros and Cons - The digital book I think there is a type of information that contains digitally loaded text, images, audio and video. So it can be accessed using electronic devices, such as computers, laptops, mobile and other. Sigil is an application used for digital book formatting. This app is a free application (Open Source). So we don't need to buy a license to use it. What are the disadvantages and advantages of Sigil digital books? Here's what I'll say.

Digital Book Excellence

  1. To preserve the literature in a much numbered book form.
  2. Cannot be corrupted, because the data is stored in a file form.
  3. Reduce costly maintenance costs.
  4. The publication process is cheap and easy to disseminate expanded because it can be through a website media, email or a virtual classroom.
  5. It has portable properties, because it can be read using portable electronic devices (tablet computers, smartphones).
  6. It does not take place, because it is stored in the form of files, unlike conventional book models that must be printed on a medium.
  7. Ebook sites currently have the facilities to translate books in different languages.
  8. Restrict the copying and distribution of works, selling or using text in the public domain freely by using the "click-Wrap" license security protection.
  9. Easy to carry because it is in the device
  10. No need for large storage
  11. Can be saved anywhere. For example, HP, Laptop, PC, or any other electronic device

Digital book shortage

  1. Copyright infringement occurs in a digital book that is still new
  2. Service or Internet access that has not reached a small area in Indonesia
  3. Eye Health Impaired
That's the advantages and disadvantages of digital books that I can convey. Hopefully useful. Do not forget to share this article Yes to benefit everyone. Thanks